Thursday, 6 July 2017

term 2 novel study

This term I have been reading and studying the novel silver stream

I found this novel not too good  because it was very boring and at the end it left you wondering what was gonna happen.

During the novel I had to complete a thinking map which shows that I can classify how the author has shown the theme of the book.
National Standard this covers

    • Year 9/10 Standard
      • I can locate, evaluate, analyse and summarise information and ideas within texts and across a range of texts.

Overall I would give this novel a rating of  4/10 and I would / would not recommend it to others to read because it was very boring in parts and i didn't like the book that much

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Exelence blog post 3 home learning challenge

For my home learning challenge I did: create cards fir your family through out the year. Here is one of the ones I did.
The reason I said babyshka is because that means grandmother in Russian and she likes to be called that.

can do blog post 3 excellence

today we had a shared lunch. the reason i was able to join was because, i did all the things i needed to do in my Cultural ambassador role. For the shared lunch i brought donuts and they went pretty quick.

i think the leadership trait i showed was goal focused because my goal was to do the stuff i'm meant to do so that i could get to go to the shared lunch.
I also think the care value i showed was community because i brought food to share.

leadership blog post 3 exelence

the other day I went to fidget spinner club to help the teachers I didn't have to do much to do so i sat on the stage to keep kids off of it.

i think the leadership trait i showed was active thinker because i thought of something to do.
the care value i showed was community because i help the teachers with there job.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

current events term 2

WALT: I can successfully research a current event.
Here is a link to our online modelling book for this unit of learning.

The National Standard that I have been aiming for during this unit of learning is:
  • Year 7/8: I can use appropriate skills and technologies to find and use a range of texts for specific purposes.

Each week we have read a short text about a current event/ topic. We then formed questions based on what we had read.  After this we researched the answers to our questions and finally we gave our opinions on what we had found out.

Here is some evidence of my learning.

Describe Map One

Describe map Two

My Next Step is to continue to  apply the reading and  research skills that I have learned in a variety of other areas.

music term 2

For Music this term, three things I learnt were:
1. who is New Zealand artists
2. who is world artist
3. how to write a rap

Something I found challenging was making a rap because it was difficult keeping it with the flow.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

In CAREERS EDUCATION we have been learning to write a skills based Curriculum Vitae.

A skills based C.V. focuses more on the skills that we have,  rather than our work history.

Here is a link to our online Modelling Book that shows the process we have followed.

Three things that I have learned about writing a Curriculum Vitae are:

  1. If you don't have correct punctuation they wont interview you

  1. They are not as easy as they look

  1. That they contact other people to know you better.
Here is a link to my Skills based Curriculum Vitae CV LINK