Wednesday, 11 November 2015


What: we have had a trip to Lincoln primary for technology this week
So what: I learnt how to do the dishes , bake scones, making badges out of clay and how to make a swirly thingy.
Now what: I'm am looking forward to next year baking and sewing.
Here is a photo of the swirly thingy.

Orana wild life park

What: we have had a trip to orana park to learn about communities
So what: I learnt that the leader of the gorilla is called a silver back ( it is a male not a female )
Q: why are they called silver back.

Here are some photos of animals at orana park!

Friday, 6 November 2015

I have been learning a range of winter sports and skills

I have learned to kick the ball with the side of my foot and not the tip.
I need to improve on kicking with the side of my foot with out losing my balance and almost falling over
I think I have done well at giving it a go when I found it hard and giving it my best.


What am I trying to improve on not talking to much in line.
I am good at walking in a straight line.
I can be better at volunteering on games and saying stuff