Sunday, 2 April 2017

home learning challenge 4 merit 2017

Chores around the house without being asked

1 March Put out the rubbish bins for emptying
5 March Helped dad with the housework
6 March Cleaned rubbish out of both cars
8 March Peeled potatoes and carrots for dinner
12 March Cleaned the toilets
18 March Weeded the vegetable garden
20 March Made breakfast in bed for mum and dad
20 March Helped dad weed the stone path around the back of our house
22 March Tidied and cleaned the kitchen bench
23 March Filled the dishwasher and emptied it when finished cleaning
25 March Cleared and cleaned the dining table
26 March Folded the towels and put them away
11 March to 2 April Fed and watered the cats and dog each morning for three weeks

11 March to 2 April Tidied my room and made my bed for three weeks

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