Monday, 19 June 2017

leadership blog post 1 excellence

A few weeks ago i went to visit the CCC and it was amazing. we got to walk around Christchurch and do some activity's with the people that work at the CCC. The first activity we did was go with one of the people into there office space and learn about their job i went with a guy who focuses on the waterways, i learnt that eels are fish. next we  organised an event  and we had a budget to spend on it. Another thing we did was go into the council chambers. And after all of that Mr Ladbrook took all of us out to lunch it was delicious.
i think i showed all of the care values because i used my manners and was polite to the people in the community.
I also showed the leadership trait trustworthy because i was trusted to be a good role moddel and i was.

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