Wednesday, 22 March 2017

merit 2 can do's 2017

Once again i was not at kapa haka cause i had a vomiting bug, but i left out a few things in my first kapa haka post so i will share those things on this blog post.
At the last kapa haka session i went to some people were learning how to do the  poi but this is my first year doing kapa haka so i cant do it cause i don't know much about it. what I did was sing a few songs with the rest of the group.
The people who were learning how to do the poi got to preform in assembly and also some seniors who did the poi showed the nationality group who came to see us on Cultural day. I think the care value i showed was respect because I respected that i was not able to do the poi, and carried on with what i was told to do.

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